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The Macabre Dance


a Contemporary Woman meets a Contemporary Man


On a stormy night with the rain pouring down and the sky split by lightning a woman arrives home to find a strange man in her remote country cottage. Trapped together during the endless hours of darkness they must try to find a way to communicate. It won’t be easy.

Have women and men ever been more alienated from one another than they are today? Has there ever been a time in history when so many women wanted to rid themselves of men and so many men wanted nothing to do with women?

The Macabre Dance is a dramatic depiction of this estrangement of the sexes. It is, by turns, both shocking and humorous with a shrewd wit that can be severe in its judgements of the poisoning of gender relations over the last half a century. For some readers there will be a terrifying sense of recognition. 

Its like “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” with added feminism. It’s message is as timely as it is tragic. Is this a nightmare vision of terminal gender alienation? Or is it just a story from the society in which you live?


This book will be available as an eBook from other digital stores shortly