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Progressing Toward the Edge of the Cliff


Understanding Multiculturalism


The latest in JP Tate’s polemical critiques of contemporary politics and postmodern society. This time he turns his attention to multiculturalism. Readers familiar with Tate’s writing style will know that the wearing of a seat-belt is advised. Fast and furious, yet calculated and logical, he takes his readers through a line of reasoning that provides a very distinctive perspective on the world.


Like his earlier critiques of monotheism, feminism, and sexuality, it is both a philosophical analysis and a demolition job. Crowded with ideas and arguments, it is always original and surprising. Some readers will be convinced, and others will be left clutching anxiously for their counter-arguments.


Tate addresses the future of England and the future of Europe, with numerous comments on America for good measure. Written from the point of view of the English working-class, his observations are unflinching. The arguments in the book are helpfully divided into sections with titles like ‘Multiculturalism is Extremist, Not Moderate’ and ‘Multiculturalism is Multi-Sectarianism’ and ‘Multiculturalism is 21st century Colonialism’.


Tate shows us that ‘Multiculturalists have never understood Multiculturalism’ and explains how ‘Multiculturalism Destroys the Ethnic Culture that it Replaces’. He addresses ‘Fallacious White Guilt’ and ‘The Death of Englishness’. There are sections on ‘Islamic Imperialism’ and ‘Islamosycophant Propaganda’. He tells us that ‘We Need a New Political Vocabulary’ because ideas such as ‘Left-Wing and Right-Wing Are Out of Date’.


He deconstructs diversity and dismantles multiculturalism, and by the time he’s finished there’s not much left to be said in favour of either. He doesn’t merely challenge them, he exposes them for what they are. It may be an uncomfortable read for multiculturalists, but for everyone else it’s a refreshing and satisfying statement of the truth about the world we live in today. 



This book will be available as an Ebook from other digital stores in 2018