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 The Curse of Clairvoyance


A Novella


Nobby Clarke wasn’t anyone’s idea of a man with supernatural powers. Nor would anyone have thought him a dangerous political radical. Yet he was fated to be cursed as both. His story, told by an anonymous official within the secret government, is a reflection of the times in which we live.


A man without any charisma, physical attractiveness, or social skills, Nobby Clarke nonetheless makes a success of his stage act in the seaside theatres of England. But is his performance merely a clever mind-reading act, or is he actually gifted with the power of clairvoyance? Nobby seems to know things which he could not possibly know unless he does indeed possess paranormal abilities.


But either way, everything might still have turned out okay if he hadn’t been dragged into the duplicitous world of contemporary politics. That’s where the serious trouble begins. 


It soon becomes apparent that the point at issue is not whether Nobby is a genuine clairvoyant. The real question is: what place is there for a truth-teller in a post-truth society?



The Curse of Clairvoyance has all the usual acerbic wit and political insights in a bite-sized package. It can't fail to please readers who are not on friendly terms with the authoritarian powers-that-be. 


[As a Novella, this book is too short to be available as a paperback.]